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Learning the Basics on Garden Landscaping

If you are a novice in the art of garden landscaping then you will need to learn about the basic concepts of this beautiful art. Getting the basic grip before getting started will give you much more confidence and you will be doing more landscaping designs in no time.

The top five basics when starting in landscaping design

You can find a deluge of information about landscaping everywhere, specially the Internet. But where should you get started? First of all, get info on how to deal with these five basic concepts: color, shape, size, lines and texture.

Color is one of the key designing elements you need to take into account. You are free to use as many colors as you wish, but don’t overdo it or your garden will look cramped and messy. Instead, try to find a balance and use several colors related in hue, such as different kinds of pink, or shades of green. You can also use color to make something stand out, for instance, surround a flowery bush with more leafy plants.

The second item of design is shape. The shapes and size of plants, flowers, trees and bushes will give you an idea on how you can balance all these elements in your design. It’s a good idea to get your design on paper first, taking into account the shapes of the small elements such as flowers and leaves.

Lines must flow into your design, so the eye of the visitor gets a smooth view of your garden. The way you arrange plants and flowers in groups, which areas are covered and how, will strongly affect the way your design flows. Try to achieve a balanced and simple design.

Size, as well as color and lines, is one of the three macroelements of your garden landscape design. Plants come in every size you can imagine, and it’s very important you balance their sizes in your garden, so you get a more pleasant garden. If you put big plants to one side and small ones to the other, the result will be heavy on one side and too light on the other, while if you go for the same size overall your garden, the result will be a bit boring.

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