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Landscape Gardening – Feng Shui With Foliage

Landscaping your garden can make a vast difference not only to its appearance but also to the value of your property if you are putting it on the market.

There are some very gifted gardeners out there but generally landscaping work would need to be carried out by specialist contractors. Not only do they bring their years of experience to the project but perhaps even more importantly all their expensive equipment, not to mention their discounts at all the local gardening retailers.

What features might you include in your newly fashioned garden?

Water landscaping or water features are very popular, whether it is a pond, fountain or something else of that ilk. Obviously with ponds and other such water features a degree of excavation work is normally involved and this is best handled by expert professionals.

Gates, trellises and arches are also amongst some of the more popular features in a well landscaped garden. Even fencing may be found under this category. Design is important to make your garden look balanced and beautiful. Why not discuss your own design ideas with a landscaping professional to see just what is possible and perhaps discover what unseen potential your garden may have.

Every garden is different but especially here in the United Kingdom, usually the predominant colour is green. Trees, shrubs and lawns for that matter form such a large part in British gardens and the planting and arranging of these trees and shrubs is yet another vital ingredient in the landscaper’s arsenal.

Alice Leroy
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