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The Importance of Packing Supplies When Preparing For a Move

Having a full set of packing supplies on hand is a must when preparing to move to a new office or home. A lack of supplies and materials for packing can easily lead to procrastination and haphazardly done packages, which in turn can result in damage to one’s precious belongings.

The supplies needed for packing items will generally vary between individual needs. Before buying anything, movers would be well-advised to check their belongings in order to pinpoint any awkwardly shaped or extremely fragile items that may require specialized handling. This will help determine what is needed, and how much of a particular item will be required.

However, there are several packing supplies that are commonly required in any moving activity. Chief among these are cardboard boxes of different sizes. These boxes, commonly made of cardboard and reinforced by a corrugated inner layer, can actually be collected from places like wine stores and groceries. However, to ensure that boxes can definitely stand up to the rigorous relocation process, new ones from professional movers made especially for packing purposes are the ideal choice.

Bubble wrap, newsprint and other wrapping materials are also a common necessity. These provide additional protection for the integrity and finish of one’s belongings, particularly for fragile items such as dishes and glassware. Adhesive tape in different sizes is also a useful addition to a packing arsenal, and can help to properly secure boxes and other materials during the move.

Some professional moving companies may offer complete moving kits for various applications and building sizes. These are a good option for busy movers, as these kits provide most if not all of the required packing materials one might need in well-thought out quantities.

Alice Leroy
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