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Tips to Maintain Your Central Heating System

Central heating is a system that heats the interior of your home by transporting heat in warm air or water from a central source. This heat can then be distributed by forced air through ductwork or through pipes to radiators.

A properly maintained HVAC system can provide many years of comfortable service. It’s important to have it inspected and tuned up before the cold weather sets in and again at the beginning of spring. An inspection is also a good idea when you want to sell your house, since most buyers will want to see proof that the boiler and furnace are in good working order before they make an offer.

Maintaining your central heating system can save you money in the long run and make your home more energy efficient. Be sure to check on your system occasionally to make sure it is running efficiently. You can do this by following these four tips:

Check the air filter every month and replace it if it is dirty. This will help to keep your heating system working at its best. Also, be sure to check the vents that are connected to your heating system to make sure they are open and not blocked.

Check your thermostat settings to ensure that they are correct and that they function properly. If you have a programmable thermostat, be sure that it is programmed correctly and that the temperature in the house is always comfortable. Also, be sure that the batteries are still fresh in case the thermostat needs them for backup power.

Make sure that all of the furnace parts are clean and free of dirt and dust. Keep this up throughout all of the seasons so that dirt does not build up on any of the parts, especially in areas where you do not see them regularly.

When it comes to maintenance, there are several things you can do yourself, but you should leave routine inspections and other repairs to trained professionals. Here are some tips on how to keep your heating system in top condition:

Schedule regular inspections. Have your heating system inspected at least once a year, preferably before winter sets in. A professional inspector may find problems that could lead to higher energy bills or even a house fire if not corrected right away.

Thankfully, you don’t have to be a professional technician to keep your central heating system running smoothly. See more tips here.