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The Concept of Concrete Landscaping

When using concrete as the main integral part of a landscaping design it is usually referred to concrete landscaping. Concrete is the most common manmade object in the world. Regarding landscaping, it is widely used for patios, paths and other, both as the main item or combined with other materials, such as stone and wood. Concrete should not be confused with cement, in fact, cement is the main ingredient for concrete, as well as sand and gravel.

How to build a patio with concrete

One great concrete landscaping idea is to build a concrete patio into your landscaping design; it is actually not that hard, and as long as you learn about it and understand the basics, you should not have that hard of a time completing it. As well, concrete patios are extremely durable and can dramatically enhance your garden or other landscaping designs.

Concrete patios are not that difficult to design and build as it may seem at first, and the good thing is, that they can last for several years. You can use concrete to create the patio of your dreams, since concrete is a very flexible material when it comes to design. You’ll need to get the main concepts about building with concrete and to do enough planning and designing.

Once you have your initial plan designed on paper, go buy your materials – remember to ask the salesperson how much of each ingredient you’ll need and what are the proportions. You’ll need to get an automatic cement mixer, which you can rent. The first thing you have to do is to mark the desired shape and excavate it. You must go deep enough to make concrete wide and hard. Don’t forget to keep the top of the shape leveled with the ground.

Once you’ve done this, you will need to give support to your future patio. All concrete shapes need some sort of support, in this case, you should fill the bottom with gravel and then install a metal grid to ensure concrete will not break or streak with time. Make sure both the gravel bed and the supporting grid are well positioned before starting to pour concrete into it. The next step is to mix the cement, the sand, the gravel and any other recommended aggregate into the concrete mixer. Start pouring the concrete from the farthest corner from the mixer.

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