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How to Improve Safety in Construction: 4 Essential Resources

Construction is one of the most dangerous industries to work in. Construction workers are more than twice as likely as the average worker to be killed on the job. While no safety training or resources can eliminate the risk of accidents, construction companies must do everything possible to protect their workers.

The Importance of Safety in Construction

Working in construction can be a dangerous job. There are many potential hazards that workers are exposed to daily, such as falling from heights, being struck by heavy equipment, and being exposed to harmful chemicals.

Because of the potential risks involved, it is essential for construction workers to be aware of safety procedures and to follow them carefully. Wearing the proper safety gear, such as hard hats and safety glasses, is essential. Workers should also be trained to use equipment and safely handle materials.

Adhering to safety procedures can help prevent construction site accidents and injuries. By taking precautions and being aware of potential hazards, workers can help make construction sites safer.

How can we improve safety in construction?

Safety management resources can help identify potential hazards and correct them before they cause an accident. Safety courses on heavy machinery like excavators should be mandatory at regular intervals to improve safety in construction. In addition, better temporary structures like scaffolding should be put in place to protect workers from falling. Finally, keeping better track of safety reports can help identify trends and prevent future accidents.

Here are some examples of safety resources construction companies can utilize for improved safety:

1.) Komplettkurs AS – Safety Courses on Machinery

Komplettkurs AS is a Tromsø-established certified training company via the ASAS certification body. It is a member of Noori, the Norwegian safety training organization. The company provides certified and documented safety training on construction machinery, personal lifts, and trucks under and over 10 tonnes (large and small). Komplettkurs AS can provide on-site and in-house training at its facilities in Tromsø.

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2.) Scaffolding Solutions – Safer Scaffolding

Scaffolding Solutions is a company that specializes in scaffolding for construction projects. They have a fall prevention methodology that includes solutions for suspended scaffolding, elevators, and hoists. Their suspended scaffolding solutions provide a safe working platform for construction workers working on a project. Their elevator and hoist solutions are designed to provide a safe and efficient way to move materials and equipment up and down the side of a building.

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3.) Optimum – Safety Management

Optimum Safety Management is a safety management company that provides compliance, safety culture improvement, and core assessments to the construction industry. They help companies improve their safety culture by providing resources and training to identify and correct safety hazards. They also offer compliance services to help companies meet OSHA standards. Lastly, they provide core assessments to help companies identify areas where they need to improve their safety programs.

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4.) iReportSource – Better Safety Reporting

iReportSource is a safety reporting and compliance software that helps organizations manage safety training, incident reporting, and safety audits. The software provides a centralized platform for safety professionals to track and manage safety data while also providing tools for analyzing and improving safety performance. iReportSource also offers a mobile app for safety professionals to report incidents and track safety data on the go.

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Bottom Line

There are several reasons why construction companies should always look for ways to improve the safety culture within their company. For instance, it’s good for workers, suitable for their company, and the law. Working in a safe environment is ideal for employees. It helps to create a good working relationship with other employees and decreases the chance of workplace accidents. Moreover, a company with a strong safety culture is more likely to attract and retain quality employees.