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Why Are People Showing Such A Tremendous Amount Of Interest In Waterhog Floor Mats?

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Waterhog mats are particularly well-liked. They are the industry standard for usage in rainy weather situations, and each square yard of the mat has the potential to absorb 1.5 gallons of water, making them ideal for use in these kinds of conditions.

The presence of water on a floor not only poses a severe threat to public safety but is also a key factor in the occurrence of slip, trip, and fall incidents, which cost businesses around one billion dollars each year. Therefore, getting Waterhog Fashion entrance mats is a good investment for businesses of a commercial type that are susceptible to multiple instances of customers bringing in water on their footwear. This is because customers are more likely to wipe their feet on the mats rather than the floor.


The first of these is the abundance of available choices. You have a large selection of options to choose from when it comes to Waterhog rugs. There is a wide variety of each type of entry mat that may be utilized for normal applications. In addition, there is a wide variety of each type of entry mats that can be utilized for recessed applications.

In addition, Waterhogs have access to a sticky mat and a clean room. Every one of the Waterhog carpets may be purchased in an exceptionally extensive color selection and is resistant to fading.


In addition to the vast amounts of liquid that they can absorb, the undersides of these mats are constructed in such a way that they provide an added level of traction, making them an especially safe option. The inability of a high-quality mat to shift position is among the most important qualities to look for in one of these products.

Additionally, Waterhog mats include a patented nubby surface that, when walked on, scrapes the bottoms of shoes, so efficiently removing dirt and debris (along with the water, snow, and ice.) Some Waterhog mats, including the Waterhog Masterpiece, have been granted the “excellent traction” mark of approval by the Floor Safety Institute. This is because these mats have “great traction.” Any attempt to make a floor safer should begin with the overarching goal of increasing the surface’s traction.


Waterhog mats are extremely friendly to the environment; some versions, like the ECO Elite, have been officially certified as “green” and may win you LEED points. Waterhog mats are available in a wide variety of colors and patterns to suit your needs. The phrase “Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design” is what the acronym “LEED” refers to, and it is the name of a world-famous program that enables you to demonstrate that your building or area was painstakingly constructed with careful consideration given to the influence that it will have on the natural environment that is located around it.


Waterhog mats are capable of accomplishing the purposes for which they were designed effectively. They can resist a significant amount of wear and tear, are easy to clean, and are essentially a trustworthy, durable mat that is capable of soaking up water.

Because there is such a wide variety of Waterhog mats available, everybody may select one that is ideal for their requirements. Purchasing some Waterhog mats as an investment for your commercial space is a smart financial move that will pay off in a variety of ways, both immediately and over time.

Waterhog mats are constructed to collect debris, including dust, grit, and water, at the doorstep, where they are then trapped within the mat rather than dispersing themselves throughout the floor.