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Japan tours info for first time visit

Japan is a unique tourist destination combining rustic scenic beauty and supreme advanced technology. The country is famous for its ancient shrines and temples, well preserved authentic wooden villas and, at the same time, all the modern amenities that you can expect. You may be a little apprehensive about acclimatizing with the tradition and culture but eventually will find the warmth, welcome and acceptance quite overwhelming. The combination of captivating sceneries, historical architecture and excellent varieties of food will make a Japan tour worth every penny. Certain tips can be helpful for you and your family if you are planning to visit Japan for the first time. This Japan tours info will make your stay smooth and satisfying.

Cultural aspect

You will find all the Japanese people following good etiquette while availing public transportation. It will be rude to use a cell phone or take a bite of food while travelling in a subway. You have to make sure you are not going to use seats reserved for pregnant woman, handicaps or elderly even if it is empty. You need to wear socks all the time while visiting a restaurant as removal of shoes are a part of some restaurant’s culture. Many drivers, waiters and bartenders take it as an insult if you give extra money for their service. Though tattoos are growing popular, most people still consider them taboo. You need to adhere to the law as they consider it very seriously.

While on the road

JR pass is a waste of money if you are not planning to visit many cities within a week. Suica or Pasmo card is sufficient for staying and travelling in Tokyo or Kyoto. You can carry cash with you, but most restaurants or shops accept credit cards in Japan, unlike many other international tourist destinations. If you plan to have street food, it is better to carry a plastic bag as public trash cans are few and far between. You may need the help of Google maps almost all the time for walking directions and for finding the routes to subways in a massive city like Tokyo. Please rent a pocket Wi-Fi for all the navigation you need.

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