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Common Mistakes to Avoid while Buying Rugs:

Well we all have been there when we want the very best for our homes. We try to source from the best markets and look out for the  most competitive rates. Spending countless hours browsing through web pages that claim to offer something unique and different, physically it’s another tiresome chore to walk through numerous shops in hope of finding the right things. All in all we tend to end up getting products that just couldn’t do justice to what we desired.

Since there’s a long history of unattained perfection I consider myself eligible enough to write on topics that should help buyers to  clearly avoid while buying home stuff. A lot of you might disagree with what I write, but there’s always beauty in disagreement. What works for you might not work for me and likewise. So there’s always room for disagreements.

Let’s stick to the topic of rugs today; they belong to the category of upholstery that make or break a living room space. Out there you’ll find an assortment of rugs dealers that will claim to be the ultimate solution providers for all your flooring needs,  but you should be vigilant enough to categorize your needs. Getting more specific I’ll take things one by one  and point out some common mistakes that we tend to make while buying them in hope of guiding buyers to not repeating the same process.

  1. Look for Natural Fibers: No matter how visibly pleasing synthetic rugs are but try to avoid them. Synthetic rugs are made from nylon, olefin or polyesters, making them prone to static, which is a cause of unnecessary chaos. Also organic fibers like cotton, jute or wool are the best bargains for long term.
  2. Look for Stain Repellent Materials: None of us wants to discard pieces of our upholstery that we have sourced after enduring long pains. So it is better to look for flooring options that are either resistant to stains or easily cleanable.

Another aspect to consider here is that harsh cleaners shouldn’t be considered. They are composed of volatile organic compounds that  severely damage organic filaments.

  1. Avoid Buying Artificially Dyed Rugs: As the heading suggests, clearly avoid them. Firstly,  artificial dyes tend to fade soon due to heavy foot traffic, secondly due to any spillage they will also leave color stains on flooring below. Besides, artificial dyes also have a negative impact on people who are prone to skin allergies.
  2. Avoid Buying Rugs with High Maintenance Tags: We buy upholstery to make our homes comfortable and fun living. Not for getting involved in unnecessary hassles.

Rugs that come with high maintenance tags are indeed a hassle because none of us wants to tend to these tiresome chores during our leisure time. Additionally, with such rugs leisure time isn’t leisure time because you will keep fretting about stains and spills.

  1. Avoid Statement Rugs: Statement pieces are confined to their designated areas only.  That is indeed the choice for people who can afford to buy and replace on a whim, but that is not the case for a majority of us.

It is therefore advisable to buy rugs that are multi functional,  they aren’t reserved to just one room but are versatile enough to make space in every room they are placed in and blend perfectly with the prevailing pieces.

  1. Avoid Rugs that aren’t Pets or Kids Friendly: Our children and pets are inseparable units of our family. With them, it becomes a grueling task to keep surfaces clean. I’ll recommend always checking rugs that tick this option.

Again mentioning the same theory that kids and pets are mess makers and this is unavoidable in many circumstances. So better make purchases that aren’t a pain to maintain.

All in all it’s never enough for this topic. Everyone will have their own views as to what suited them best and what did not. So the situation varies from case to case. After thorough research, choose what might work best for you and your family and even if you end up with the wrong purchase, heck,  who cares!  Life’s is too short to worry about some silly rug!

Agatha Correia
Penelope Penny Sage King: Penny, a professional organizer, offers organization hacks, storage solutions, and advice on maintaining a tidy home.