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What to Expect When You Hold Off Roof Replacement

Although roof replacement can take a fair amount of money and time, it offers benefits to make up for the cost. Prompt roof repair or replacements can give increased protection to your home against outside elements, increase its curb appeal, and make it more energy-efficient. Generally, your roof needs replacement when it is ending its lifespan or suffers from significant storm damage. However, even if homeowners see signs of serious damage or aging, they may not call a roofing contractor in Wilmington, MA immediately. Unfortunately, delaying necessary roof replacement can affect your house and budget. Here’s what you can expect when you don’t get your roof replaced immediately:

Your Roof Can Suffer from Moisture Damage

If your roof is old and damaged, it can be further exposed to moisture’s damaging impacts. As your shingles, flashings, and other components deteriorate, water can seep through the inner layers and into the interior of your house. Also, moisture infiltration impacts the structural components of the roof including the deck, trusses, and rafters. Because they are made of wood, they can develop rot and mold over time. Before your roof system can be affected by moisture, ensure you get your roof replaced as soon as possible. 

Your Family Can Suffer from Health Problems

If your roof has gaps and holes, these issues can become bigger the longer you hold off roof replacement, making it more likely for mold and mildew to grow in your attic. Roof holes and gaps also offer entry points for rodents and insects, making the attic their breeding ground and shelter. Such animals can spread diseases when not dealt with immediately. 

Your Home Can Sustain Structural Damage

When your roof is exposed to moisture for a long time, your roofing system can suffer from structural damage. As the rafters and trusses are worn away by elements, they could rot. Delaying roof replacement makes your roof even more prone to collapsing, particularly when walked on. 

You Put Your House at Risk of Fire

Old, damaged roofs may catch fire. Underneath the insulation of your attic, electrical connections power the light on your ceiling. When water sweeps through the roof and comes into contact with these wires, a spark could happen. A fire that begins in the attic can spread quickly, putting the lives of everyone in your house in danger. 

Your Home’s Value Can Reduce

An old roof can make your house less attractive, making it an instant eyesore when compared with other homes in your neighborhood. Apart from reduced curb appeal, holding off roof replacement can affect your property’s resale value. When a possible buyer looks at your house, they don‘t need to look inside it to make a decision.