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What Should You Watch Out For When Laying Empty Conduits For Cables?

So that you enjoy complete flexibility in the future, it is advisable to plan empty conduits for outdoor cable protectors generously in addition to walls, including ceilings, floors, or outdoor areas. Components such as smoke detectors, floor lights, motion detectors, and chocolate fountains can also be retrofitted.

Should Empty Conduits Be Laid According To A Particular System?

Since the conduits are used for laying cables, the same guidelines should be observed here for the arrangement and laying of power lines. In principle, power cables may only run horizontally and vertically.

In addition, the installation zones must be observed: Cables are routed vertically upwards or downwards from sockets or junction boxes and then moved horizontally about 30 cm above the floor or below the ceiling.

How Do You Lay Empty Conduits?

While the purpose of empty conduits remains unchanged, the procedure for laying them must be different depending on the type of wall construction.

How Can You Lay Empty Conduits In A Lightweight Wall?

Anyone who uses thin walls such as plasterboard when building a house does not have much space for slots. Instead, empty conduits can be attached directly to the stands with cable ties in these cases. The stands are usually already provided with unique cut-outs so that lines and cables can be attached.

How Can You Lay Empty Conduits In A Concrete Wall?

In concrete walls, it’s hard here, and it is the use of a chaser announced. This is used to pre-mill slots for the conduits. However, if it is a new building project, the conduits can be incorporated into the floors and ceilings during manufacture.

How Can You Lay Empty Conduits In A Brick Wall?

If the house walls are bricked, openings must be pre-milled. This usually also applies to renovation projects in old buildings. The slots are milled vertically into the walls so that the course of the conduits remains traceable. The pipes can then be placed in the openings provided for this purpose.

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