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Essential Tips to Pack and Move Lamps

Moving Lamps is a challenging, and time-consuming process as all lamps come in different sizes and shapes makes them tricky to properly pack and move into the new residence. Let’s take a look at a few tips that will help you with your moving process. The first step is to take your lamps apart and for that purpose unplug the lamp from the wall. Unscrew the light bulbs and remove the lamp shades. When it comes to packing the lamp, gently wrap each bulb in an air-filled plastic bag and secure it with tape. Use one box to pack all the lamp bulbs together and in case of any empty space, cover it with air-filled plastic padding to cover it so the bulbs don’t shift around.

Set up the box and wrap each bulb in a layer and then pack them into the dividers one per slot. Before sealing the box, add one more layer of plastic padding to make It perfectly secure for moving. Pack the lamp shades by wrapping them in packing paper and pack each lamp shade separately in a different box. Now wrap the bases of the lamp with the packing paper and secure it with a bit of tape.  When it comes to packing the floor lamps, follow the same steps and cover them in an air-filled plastic wrap, and ship accordingly.

While planning about the packing of the lamp, always measure the lamp before buying the boxes and after boxing it you must label each box accordingly so you don’t face any difficulty in pairing up your lamp pieces at your new residence.  When you arrived at your new home, unpack your lamps as soon as possible to avoid lamp shades getting wrapped or facing any other issues. If you want someone to pack your lamps, hire the professional Movers Walnut Creek who can do this job for you.

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