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Bedroom colour ideas for dark themed interiors

The bedroom colour plays a crucial role in setting its mood and tone. You should pay attention to every small detail of your bedroom because this is where you relax and unwind at the end of the day. By choosing dark-themed interiors for your bedroom, you can evoke a sense of mystery and drama in the room. Although many people do not consider it the right option for smaller bedrooms, you can actually make a small bedroom appear very appealing by choosing dark colours. If you are not aware of which dark colours can be used in your bedroom interiors, here is a list:

01 of 05 Choose brown for bedroom

Using earthy colours in your bedroom can help to make it a more relaxing spot. Brown is one of the best options available in hand if you want to choose dark colours for your bedroom. It makes it a calming and peaceful space where you feel welcomed and comfortable. To avoid the decor from being monotonous, opt for different shades of brown to the design. Since wood is a natural material, using it for adding textures of brown is a great idea. By incorporating brown in your bedroom interiors, you can give it a very elegant and luxurious appeal. Besides enhancing the appeal of the room, it makes your bedroom Vastu-compliant as well.

02 of 05 Navy blue is a great option for your bedroom interior design

Using navy blue for your bedroom interiors is extremely common in Indian homes. It is a dark and bold colour that will enhance the appeal of any space. You can choose contrasting shades of blue to give your bedroom a more interesting look. This will allow you to add a lighter bedroom colour as well if you do not feel like going for a completely dark theme. However, you must keep in mind that the colours are complementing each other and a balance is maintained in the bedroom decor. You can pair dark blue with white as well instead of other shades of blue for an appealing look.

03 of 05 Go for an all-black bedroom interior design

Black is not commonly used in bedrooms. However, you can always tweak the interior designing norms and add more beauty and charisma to the setup by putting your creativity to use. Go for an all-black theme and ensure that all the materials like marble, silk, and matte finishes in the bedroom are black. This will add a gothic touch to your bedroom. Lighting is a crucial element in a black bedroom design. If you can choose the correct lighting fixtures and ensure that the room stays well-lit during the day and night, the beauty of the black bedroom will increase even more.

04 of 05 Feel close to nature by opting for dark green interiors

Adding greenery to your bedroom helps to feel close to nature. However, it is not always possible to add plants to your bedroom due to a shortage of space, maintenance requirements, or some other issues. You can consider choosing a dark green theme for your bedroom interiors. It will create a sense of calm in the room. Consider pairing the bedroom interiors with brown and brass furniture and decor items. You can introduce other colours to the decor as well like shades of white and grey. They will easily blend in with the rest of the design and enhance the beauty of the room. Using green in your bedroom design makes it Vastu-compliant and attracts more positive energy as well.

05 of 05 Choosing a dark shade of grey is always ideal for minimalistic interiors

It is not necessary to opt for colours that will add drama to your room. Sometimes, maintaining a simple look is the best option. A simple, minimalistic, and stylish colour like grey is a versatile colour and can be used in various types of bedroom designs. Choose different shades of grey to avoid the interiors from appearing monotonous. You can combine it with other colours as well if you want an appealing bedroom interior design.