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Restoring Your Business After Water Damage

water damage and restoration can be incredibly frustrating and stressful. Apart from the damage it causes to your home and property, it can be costly to repair and may even lead to other problems like mold growth, structural damage and more. Severe water damage caused by floods or burst pipes can be particularly challenging to handle, but with the right knowledge and guidance, you can restore your home back to its former glory. This article will provide you with tips and strategies that will help you restore your home after severe water damage.

Assess the Damage

The first step when restoring your home after severe water damage is to assess the extent of the damage. Walk through your home and check for structural damage and other signs such as dampness and mold growth. Take pictures to document the damage as this will help you when filing a claim with your insurance company. Also, ensure that you cut off the power supply to your home to avoid accidents.

Call Your Insurance Company

After assessing the damage, the next step is to call your insurance company. Your insurer will send an adjuster to evaluate the damage and provide you with an estimate of what it will cost to repair your home. Depending on the terms of your home insurance policy, your insurer may cover some or all the costs of restoring your home.

Hire a Professional Restoration Company

With severe water damage, it’s essential to hire a professional restoration company. A restoration company understands the damage that water can cause and has the right tools and expertise to restore your home effectively. Restoration companies offer various services such as water extraction, cleaning, drying, and dehumidifying to ensure that your home is safe to inhabit once again.

Repair and Replace Damaged Items

Once the water damage restoration company has dried out your home, the next step is to repair or replace any damaged items. Some items like carpeting and drywall may need to be replaced entirely, while others like furniture and electronics may only need to be cleaned and dried. If you’re unsure if an item can be salvaged, consult with your restoration company or insurance adjuster.

Mitigate Future Water Damage

Finally, it’s essential to take steps to mitigate future water damage. Check for leaks in your roof, windows, and foundation and fix them. Install sump pumps and backup generators in your basement or crawl space to prevent flood damage in case of power outages. Also, consider adding flood insurance to your home insurance policy to protect your home from future water damage.


Water damage can be incredibly stressful, but with the right knowledge and guidance, you can restore your home after severe water damage. Be sure to assess the damage, call your insurance company, hire a professional restoration company, repair and replace damaged items, and mitigate future water damage to ensure that your home remains safe and comfortable once again. Remember to stay safe and always follow the instructions of your restoration company when restoring your home after severe water damage.