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9 Handy Tips For A Safe Fire Damage Restoration And Repair

The amount of damage a fire can cause a home can be extensive and expensive. Homeowners who have gone through this type of tragedy want to recover as much of their home and belongings as possible. fire damage repair, South Milwaukee, Wisconsin experts can provide the services needed to clean and restore a home, but here are some tips that you can personally use:

Tip 1: Do NOT Enter Until Officials Declare The Area Safe

It is tempting to enter the home as soon as the embers are gone, but it is best to wait for the confirmation from the fire marshal or firefighters. Sometimes fires can reignite out of the blue or the damage is too extensive that the home becomes a safety hazard. Be patient and wait for instructions.

Tip 2: File For Insurance As Soon As Possible

As soon as you are sure everyone is safe, contact your insurance provider right away. The sooner you can file a claim, the sooner they can process it.

Tip 3: Document The Damage

Taking pictures of the damage is a must when filing for an insurance claim. Before moving anything, document everything so you have clear evidence for the insurance company to look over.

Tip 4: Increase Airflow

Once inside the house, open all doors and windows to increase the airflow. This will ensure that any smoke left behind is aired out and will not affect you and your family negatively.

Tip 5: Dispose Of Fire Damaged Electronics

Never use the electricity right after a fire because the wires can be damaged and lead to another fire when used. The same goes for any electronics that were in close proximity to the fire, show any signs of fire damage, or were plugged during the fire. No piece of expensive gadget is worth using if it has been compromised in the fire.

Tip 6: Use Gloves and Protective Gear When Cleaning

Always protect your hands, eyes, and nose when cleaning the home after the fire. Soot can be very toxic when inhaled and it can get messy when it sticks to your hands. Proceed with caution and always consider your personal safety a priority.

Tip 7: Cover Work Areas To Prevent Soot From Spreading

Cover all unaffected areas with plastic to prevent soot from spreading or sticking to furniture and the walls. It can be a hassle, but you will thank yourself for thinking ahead and reducing the cleaning time.

Tip 8: Dispose of All Open Food Containers

Any food, especially those that were stored inside open containers should be thrown away. They are no longer safe to eat and will cause more harm to you and your family if consumed.

Tip 9: Work Alongside The Pros

Get in touch with the fire damage repair, South Milwaukee, Wisconsin experts as soon as possible. With their skills, tools, and manpower you can easily clean up and possibly save a lot of your property. Acting quick and fast is the best way to reduce the cost of fire damage, act now!

Are you looking for a reputable fire damage repair company? Our team at ERS can help you with fire damage repair, South Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Contact us today!