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New Decade New Countertops

Living rooms are usually the fun part of the house. It’s where parties are held, games are played, and it’s often the most attractive part of a home. However, kitchens are significant contributors when it comes to the overall look of a house, so if you’re looking to give your kitchen an upgrade, here are some fresh choices for you.

Quartz is a non-porous type of countertop which means they are less likely to get stained. They are very firm and regular re-sealing won’t be necessary. Marble countertops are also an excellent option for you if you’re into patterns and overall aesthetics. They have various patterns that go well with your tiles, floors, and walls.

As we start a new decade, countertops are also changing in structure and design. Countertops with sinks are a good example of this. There are also sustainable countertops that help take care of nature and are very durable. Last on this list would be a concrete countertop. They add a modern look to your kitchen.

For more details on these designs, here is an infographic by Best Kitchen Countertops.  If you are from California, we know the best kitchen countertop installers in Placentia, CA and a few expert quartz countertop installers in Placentia, CA as well.