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Termite problem 101: You need an exterminator!

Pest control requires experience and expertise. Termites are capable of causing massive property damage and can be a threat to the structural integrity of the building. While termite extermination doesn’t have to be expensive, ignoring the concern can require thousands of dollars in repairs. If you are looking for termite control in Longview, there are some amazing exterminators and pest control services to consider. In this post, we are sharing the signs of termite infestation and why you need to call a professional pest control company. 

Signs of termite infestation

Termites thrive on wood. Initially, it can be hard to find visible signs of termite infestation, which is why regular inspections are necessary. If termites have already caused damage to your wooden structures, you may find signs like small mud tubes, holes in wood, and hollow areas. If the infestation is extreme, wood may crumble when prodded. You may also spot droppings, chipped paint, discoloration on drywalls, and warped floorboards. One doesn’t have to be very lucky to spot termites in plain sight. 

Why call a professional exterminator?

Top pest control companies such as Conquest Pest Control who are in the London area, have an in-house team of experts and entomologists who can do a detailed inspection of your property. Depending on the extent of damage and infestation, they may use termiticides and other wood treatment options. Also, since termites thrive on wood, killing a few with a DIY spray is not enough. Professional companies have the equipment and resources to handle any situation, and they may have to rely on tools that are otherwise not easily available. Their experts can also tackle infestation in trick areas of the house, such as the basement or underneath wooden floors. 

Finding the right service

Not all exterminators are the same, and as a client, you need to check the basics. First and foremost, ensure that the pest control company is known, reliable, and licensed. You can check for reviews online to find more about a service. Also, an exterminator must be licensed and should have insurance. Pest control is a dangerous job, and you don’t want to be liable for any injuries or job-related incidents involving workers. Termite extermination costs depend on the work at hand, but most companies will be happy to give an estimate in advance. Ask the exterminator if they are going to offer any warranty on the job. 

If you have clear signs of termite infestation, call an exterminator without delay.