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4 Daily Habits for A Clean Home

There are many tips and tricks for keeping your home clean for longer, and here are 4 of the most popular and effective:

  1. Put things back where they belong

Untidiness is more than just an annoying habit; it can make your home look unwelcoming and dirty. If you put something down after finishing with it, pick it up and put it back where it belongs. Whether on a shelf, in a closet, a drawer or the trash can, if things have a place, make sure they stay in them, and if they don’t have a place, you should find them one right away!

  1. Focus your cleaning energies on one area at a time

Cleaning can become a bit overwhelming, especially if your home is particularly untidy, cluttered and dirty, but it doesn’t have to be like that. By being organized, and devoting a small portion of your time every day to cleaning a different section of your home, you can keep your home cleaner, for longer.

  1. Devise a schedule…and stick to it!

Some people like to compile a schedule, whereby they clean a certain room on a certain day, while others prefer to dedicate an amount of daily time to simply cleaning the space or room that needs it the most. However, scheduled cleaning is often the most effective way to keep the entire home clean, most of the time, but it does require a bit of dedication.

Break down basic housekeeping jobs into daily, weekly, and even monthly routines, and before you know it, your home will be spotless, and the envy of all your friends and neighbors!

  1. Declutter every evening

Now this might sound like quite a commitment, especially if you’ve had a long and arduous day, but it will make a big difference. Avoid huge piles of clutter and annoying messes by dedicating just 5 to 10 minutes of every evening to decluttering and tidying. Often, a home might actually be pretty clean…underneath all the clutter! But clutter gives the instant appearance of mess and dirt, and is so easy to avoid.

You can also try getting the rest of your household involved, and make sure that you’re not the only person responsible for keeping the home clean. However, if you have a particularly unwilling household, or you really are pushed for time, it might be easier (and certainly a whole lot more convenient) to hire a cleaning company. With different pricing schedules to suit all pockets, nowadays it’s possible for everyone to have a cleaner, not just the rich and famous!