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Realistic, Practical and Affordable Quick Step Laminate Flooring

Quick-Step is the brand name of a type of laminate flooring that has become popular in recent years worldwide as being on of the pioneers in the way today’s floor are manufactured. Mainly their popularity is based on their exclusive innovations in the manufacturing process of laminates, especially in the construction of the setup mechanism featured by these products. The Quick Step laminate flooring range is available worldwide through its extended network of retailers, including even online stores.

Just like all laminate flooring, Quick Step laminate flooring are manufactured from a special composite featuring fiberboard and other materials, which is compressed under heat to form a strong laminate composite. The design or top layer consists of a printed image on paper. The images which can be printed on laminates range from various wood species to ceramic and stone tiles. This innovative process offers an endless choice of designs, as virtually any desired image can be recreated. Realistic looking oak flooring, tile effect planks or parquet-like coverings are just some of the options they present. In order to protect the effects in the floor, QuickStep applies special sealants and lacquers to the surface of the planks, resulting in increased resistance against scratches, traffic wearing and spills caused by beverages.

The flooring produced by QuickStep offers different floors collections, each one designed to meet the specific needs and characteristic of each interior type. As any other brand of laminate, Quickstep laminate floors can be used in commercial and professional applications alike. The quality materials and top coats used in the manufacturing of each product makes them highly resistant to medium to very intensive traffic, as the overall look and intrinsic characteristics of the floor will not be affected by a number of exterior factors, including but not limited to heavy furniture and exposure to intensive sunlight. Although most laminate flooring produced by QuickStep offer increased resistance to humidity and moisture, this manufacturer has taken his concern in customer satisfaction by creating a special line of laminates designed for kitchens and bathrooms especially treated against water damage and warping.