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9 Secrets To Efficiently Move To Another City Using Pod Rentals

pod rentals have changed the way people move and relocate from one place to another. Portable and more flexible, these storage containers are considered a great alternative to traditional truck rentals.

Read on to find out nine secrets on how to efficiently move to another city using these portable containers.

Have a game plan. Moving can be quite stressful, so it really pays off to strategically plan for the big day — from deciding how you will relocate, to gathering packing supplies, to actually packing your items and loading them onto your relocation platform of choice.

Book in advance. Relocating to a new place isn’t just about packing things; expect that you will be dealing with a lot of things on your plate. This is why as early as two months before your big move, you should already look for companies that offer pod rentals. It will be helpful to settle this down first so you can proceed with other things on your to-do list.

Find the right size for your belongings. To ensure the efficiency of your moving container, pick the appropriate size that can cater to your stuff. To do this, you have to start taking inventory of your belongings, identify which ones you’re keeping, and which should be sold or donated.

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Know that packing takes time. Movers can attest to this one: You’ll never know how many belongings you have until you start packing. So, give yourself ample time when accomplishing this task.

Load your pod efficiently. Packing is one thing, but loading is another. When placing your stuff on pod rentals, make sure to load heavier items first (with disassembled furniture placed in an upright position), then the lighter ones last. Keep things balanced to help protect your items from falling or getting damaged while they’re being transported.

Get help from friends or expert movers. Moving can’t be done by one individual alone. To make things more efficient, get help from your friends or neighbors (it can also serve as a bonding experience before your big move). Most container companies also offer assistance in packing and loading your things into your storage container.

Keep your essentials within your reach. Though some items are best kept and transported through storage pods, your essentials (including important paperwork) should be kept within your reach. It’s advisable to gather them in one bag or box and keep them by your side while en route to your new place.

Inquire if there are any permits needed for your container. One great advantage of moving containers is that they can be delivered to your house whenever you want it to be delivered. With this, you can take the time to properly load your belongings (unlike truck rentals that come only on the day of the big move). Before scheduling your pod for delivery, inquire first if you need a local permit to have it “parked” outside your old house. The same applies to your new place where the pod will be dropped off.

Keep your communication line with your container company open. From time to time since you’ve booked your storage container, it’s vital to get in touch with your container company. This will help you monitor if the container will arrive and will be picked up on time.

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