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Ways To Reuse Your Old Doors

One of the best ways to give your home a whole new look is by swapping out your old doors for new ones. While you get new doors, you might be wondering what to do about your old doors! It might feel like a waste to just throw them away, but the good thing is that you don’t have to! There are plenty of ways to reuse your old doors! 

Before we get into all the ways you can reuse your old doors, we have to preface the whole thing by saying that the only way you’re going to be able to reuse your doors is that they’ve been removed safely. That’s why it’s important that if you’re going to do it yourself, you do it with a lot of caution. If you don’t think you can call Door Repair NYC, or a reputable door repair company in your general area to come and remove your doors for you! 

Once you’ve got your doors removed safely, you’ll be able to give them a new life! And below are some of the ideas you can use for your own doors! 

  1. Standing Mirror

    Mirrors are something that a house almost never had enough of. You can stuff tonnes of mirrors in one room and as long as they’re layered in a nice way, they’re going to complement each other and open up the space! A unique way to repurpose your doors is by adding a mirror to them! This is going to be easier if your doors have a geometric design but is still doable otherwise. Get a mirror cut into the shape of the inside of the door, and attach it to it. Once it’s fully secured, you can place it in the perfect spot you can find and let it add a unique touch to your space!


  • Mini-Bar

    Floating shelves are one of the easier ways to add more personality into a space, but they don’t just go on walls, they can also go on doors! Find a couple of floating shelves that match your door. You can also mix and match the colors or repaint both of them to match. Once you’ve got the right shelving, attach them to the door, and you’re done! Place the repurposed door by the wall and add a bar trolley underneath! You’ll have a little nook like no one else when you’re done!



  • Book Shelf

    Just like two little shelves can make space for a little mini-bar station, adding more shelves can make it into an entire bookshelf! Measure out the books you want to display, and how many of them you have, and get floating shelves that fit them. Screw them on the door, and use it as a bookshelf and decor piece all in one!



  • Tabletop

    Tables are something that can get repetitive. You might notice that it’s pretty hard to find a unique, wooden door that’s not going to cost a kidney! But you can get one pretty much for free! All you have to do is either get some legs that you can attach to the door, or get a thin table that the door can go on top of as a tabletop! You can use a sheet of glass, or plexiglass on top of the door to keep it easy to use! With this table, you’re bound to make an impression on everyone that comes over!



  • Headboard

    Finally, one of our favorite ways of reusing old doors is by using them as headboards! Use a bed frame that doesn’t come with a headboard, and using L-fittings, screw the doors onto the bed to make them the headboard! This might sound outrageous, but looks very unique once it’s all done! Giving your home a new look, and the door a whole new life!