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The 6 Most Useful Parts Of Your HVAC System That You Must Know

HVAC system is widely used in professional and domestic environments and both have its own set of requirements. This system helps in maintaining the internal pressure and provides continuous ventilation in a space it has been installed within.

You must know the following 6 parts of your HVAC system:

  1. The Heat Transferor or Exchanger

The heat exchanger is one essential part of your home furnace and hvac supplies. It absorbs the outside heat and warms the cool air according to the instructions set in your thermostat and the rise of heat combustion. These are present in all sorts of furnaces. This component is made of strong stainless steel and contains alloys that are heat-resistant. These alloys prevent the furnace from any crack or damage.

  1. A Combustion Chamber

It is very important to get oxygen for proper combustion process. The furnace you have installed transmits air to the fuel inside the combustion unit. This unit or chamber is also called a burner. Heating starts when a small amount of air or gas mixture reaches the burner. There is a glow stick that ignites the mixture and controlled fire is formed.

  1. Blower Motor

A blower motor is the second most important part of hvac supplies. The warm air is forced into the home’s ductwork and further in your rooms with the help of this electric blower motor’s fan. This procedure is on and off as (on a repetitive mode) when the combustion ends, the blower motor sends the warm air into the rooms of your home.

  1. Evaporator Coil

This is one of the most important parts of your hvac supplies. This is present in the indoor air handler of your hvac system. When the evaporator coil is being touched by warm air, the process of condensation follows. This helps in cooling down the air in your house rooms and brings down the level of humidity.

  1. Thermostat

This is a device that works on sensors helping in turning the heater and air conditioner on and off. Thermostat is normally fixed in the center of your house so, you can have an easy access and operation too.

  1. Compressor or Condenser Coil

This is a big part of your hvac system and is normally installed outside your house. Cooling of outside air is done with the help of condenser. It is mandatory to clean this part with water almost every year.