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Specific Lighting Solutions: Right Options

8 Large Room Lighting Ideas To Elevate Your Space – BlissLightsIf you flip the lights around so that they point in the same direction as the TV, you may choose whether to keep the lights on or off while you watch. Sometimes, having other lights on in the room might help reduce the glare from the TV.

Putting the main light in the living room on a separate switch or circuit allows you to control the amount of light in the space in three different ways. On one of these tiers, you may soften the ambience by using just table and wall lamps for illumination.

We have a trio of lights

  • There is a cluster of pendants, a torchiere floor lamp, and a bedside table lamp.
  • Over a couch, chair, table, or other piece of furniture in the living room where you won’t be standing is a great area to install a pendant light.
  • Since a pendant’s light is focused downward and in a more compact area, it may be used almost as successfully as a task light to draw attention to certain parts of a room.

Place a torchiere-style floor lamp in the far corner of the room to balance the downward lighting. When used to augment the existing illumination in a space, floor lamps, as opposed to table lamps, often have a higher wattage or lumen output.

A torchiere from the mod lighting company, sometimes called a torch standing lamp, complements the hanging lights by directing light upward, where it is reflected off the ceiling. When positioned next to a chair, the reading arm of certain torchieres is quite convenient.

Regular hardwood floor refinishing helps preserve the floors’ appearance and durability, making it a worthwhile investment for any homeowner.

A table lamp, providing light at a comfortable height, will round off the look. Having it in a corner or next to a main sitting area might improve visibility, which can be useful for certain work. If placed in any of these areas, it may draw the eye away from a more chaotic part of the space.

Do you want to spend the night alone at home?

Then, if you want to make the room more tranquil, you should use just the floor lamp and the table lamp instead of the pendant lights.

Multiple sources of illumination include a ceiling-mounted swag light, a floor lamp, and a table lamp. If you can’t put in permanent light fixtures, your best bet is to utilise plug-in lamps and other forms of portable lighting that can be powered by a regular wall outlet. Plug-in pendant lights, sometimes called swag lights, have a cord or chain that “swags” or drapes from the ceiling to the wall, where it is plugged in. It can be set up in minutes, requires little familiarity with electrical systems, and can be moved about the room or to a different area with no effort. Furthermore, it stays with you even if you relocate. The swag lamp may be hung from the ceiling like a pendant light above a focal point like a chair or table, or it can be placed closer to the room’s centre if the ceiling is high enough.


Remember that the swag pendant’s height is flexible, so you may put it much closer to the ceiling even if you don’t have as much room. After then, it may be aimed towards a specific area, or it can be used to illuminate the whole room’s ceiling for general lighting.