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The Most Popular Luxurious Home Features Of 2022

Indulging in a luxurious feature for our home has advantages beyond our own pleasure. Such purchases can also be considered to be investments too, with long-term value that will ultimately contribute to a property’s appeal later down the line. They also ensure that a home is being enjoyed to its fullest, achieving a great return on investment, one that can also be enjoyed by guests, such as family and friends.

As we transition from a period of various lockdowns, there are a number of new values and priorities that many homeowners now have, some of which have changed the popularity of home features drastically. Now, there is a greater call for remote working spaces and entertainment comforts, such as cinema experiences, that would have previously been sought outside of the home, which have occurred alongside a host of new smart home features spurred by technological advances.

Here are the most popular decadent home features of 2022, those that will not only help to transform your home into a luxury space but will impress the neighbours too!

Under-Floor Wine Cooler

Having a wine cellar has historically been a luxurious feature but it is one that has seen a recent revival, with many choosing to bypass the need for a cellar altogether and, instead, installing a more modestly sized under-floor wine cooler. These features allow for a generous selection of high-quality wines to be stored safely while still being on display and safe to walk across.

Gym Space

Following the temporary closure of gyms and the rising number of remote workers positions, a number of well-equipped properties sought to install their own gyms, so much so that there was even a temporary shortage of gym equipment across the UK. Now, a number of homes have their own dedicated gyms, eliminating the need for paid memberships and offering equipment entirely curated to the workout routine of the homeowner.

Private Cabin

Escaping your professional and personal living spaces to find a sanctuary in a beautiful and natural space is an ever more achievable luxury that many are finding in the form of log cabins. These outbuildings can be established easily in garden spaces with the ability to be curated and transformed into stunning spaces, whether a decadent reading nook or a private bar for social events.

Proximity Sensors

Having a home that plays music when you arrive or turns the lights off when you leave is both a luxurious feature and a power-saving asset. This is why smart home functionality is seeing such great demand in 2022, not only for its comfort but its sustainability too. Proximity sensors can even be curated on a small level to change lighting and sound when you move from room to room, or to close windows when rain is detected.

Modular Minimalism

As minimalism continues to be an incredibly popular and celebrated aesthetic design for homes, modular furniture is seeing increased popularity too. These specialist pieces are often designed for specific spaces, offering adaptable functionality that allows for a space to transform easily. This means that an office space can be conjured out of a spare room or a board game table can be contained within a wall when not in use.