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Hail Sustainability: 3 Green Techniques You Need To Follow

One thing that has completely transformed the way we live is the intervention of sustainable practices. The new eco-friendly age has made it possible for the individuals to invest in green technologies and evoke a harmonious relationship between their lifestyle and the environment. 

Homebuyers are now consciously choosing the features and amenities in their homes that are in compliance with the sustainable norms and contribute their bit towards making our Earth, a healthy place to survive and live. Major real estate players in the country like The Dynamix Group are mindfully constructing their residential projects in Mumbai and Thane, besides seaside homes in Goa, leveraging green building technologies and more. 

Let’s understand the concept of green homes before we delve in further: 

Any residential property that leverages green concepts like recycle and reuse broadly comes under the category of green homes. These homes use the available natural resources in the most effective manner and reduce the burden on Mother Earth considerably. 

Since now you are briefly acquainted with green homes, let’s know more about 3 green techniques that hail sustainability like none other: 

  • Water Harvesting 

Water is one natural resource that needs to be conserved for a better future. Many real estate developers are integrating water harvesting in their constructions for the purpose of conserving water at a domestic level. Using an effective water harvesting technique, residents are able to store and reuse the water as and when required. The water that is harvested like this can be used for a variety of non-drinking purposes like washing utensils, gardening and laundry. 

The water harvesting process reduces the groundwater demand substantially besides water expenses. 

  • Solar Power 

Solar energy is one of the cleanest sources of energy that comes with a plethora of benefits. A lot of innovative technologies have come into being that harness solar energy to power the residential spaces.  This automatically translates to cost-effectiveness. Not only this, incorporating solar energy sources in households can greatly help in planning the power generation as per the requirement  and results in more savings. 

Installation of solar panels may seem like a major investment initially. However, it’s a long-term investment and can reap immense benefits in the future. Moreover, government provides grants and incentives on solar energy that further makes it a lucrative investment. 

  • Home-insulation

One of the most important considerations for green homes is less air leakage. In residential spaces, air can leak in a wide variety of ways. Spaces around the windows and doors contribute greatly to these leakages. They can become a costly affair for a large number of household. To combat this, renowned developers are investing in proper home insulation that results in less air leakage and saves on considerable amount of energy costs. 

The above-mentioned green techniques are leveraged by prominent real estate developers in their property offerings, be it a 2 BHK flat in Goa or a 2BHK luxury flat in Mumbai, to provide their customers with utmost comfort and low utility bills.