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How To Prepare Your Employees For Fire Emergencies At Work

Even a building equipped with the most sophisticated fire suppression system isn’t exempted from being engulfed by fire. And when it comes to battling fire emergencies, fire damage restoration, Scottsdale, Arizona companies agree that the alertness and readiness of employees occupying a commercial property play a crucial role in minimizing the damage.

This is why it’s vital to thoroughly prepare your workers for different fire emergency scenarios. The question is — how? This article will give you tried and tested tips on how to do so.

Identify fire hazards in your area. From faulty electrical wirings to decrepit structures, it’s important to identify — and address — any fire hazard in your workplace. This will help your employees become more aware that fire emergencies can be triggered from anywhere in your office.

Prepare and explain your fire emergency action plan. This comprehensive plan provides the blueprint of what your employees should do once your office is hit by a fire emergency. This playbook — which needs to be properly explained and disseminated — should contain escape route diagrams and evacuation policies and procedures.

Brainstorm the worst-case scenario possible. To fully prepare your employees, you should know what is your office’s worst-case scenario. Only then can you come up with an action plan that can effectively minimize the risks on your employees’ life and the damage on your property.

Designate roles and responsibilities to specific employees. Companies that provide fire damage restoration, Scottsdale, Arizona services also point out the importance of assigning specific roles to employees. For instance, each department or floor should have a coordinator who will lead the carrying out of the action plan once a real fire emergency breaks out.

Educate your employees about your office’s fire safety features. From knowing how to identify and respond to a fire alarm to knowing how to properly use fire extinguishers, your employees should be equipped with a basic understanding of your building’s fire safety features. Otherwise, the money you’ve invested in your fire protection system will only be put in vain.

Conduct fire drills regularly. Keeping yourself calm and alert is vital when facing a fire emergency situation. One of the goals of holding regular fire drills — both scheduled and unannounced — is to instill this mindset to your office employees.

Be a role model. As the business owner or manager, it is your responsibility to lead by example. You, first and foremost, should know your fire emergency action plan. You should also observe fire-prevention measures at all times (e.g. Smoking in proper areas) and be active when participating in fire drills.

Keep emergency hotlines easily accessible. The contact numbers of your local fire protection bureau and designated fire rescue officers or coordinators should be easily accessible to every floor or department. This will be crucial in minimizing damage and casualty once an actual fire breaks out.

Seek professional fire protection services. Some companies who are in the field of fire damage restoration, Scottsdale, Arizona also offer consultation services. If you need help with coming up with your fire emergency action plan or if you simply need to establish contact with a fire restoration expert, it’s important to find and get in touch with a reputable company early on.

At ASAP Restoration we do fire damage restoration, Scottsdale, Arizona as promptly and efficiently as possible to help you start with your recovery process. Contact us today!