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Fine Solutions for the Right Kind of Roof Replacement

Have you just bought a house and need a new roof? Or is the roof of your current house in need of total replacement? Then you want an overview with all costs and options. In this article you can read all about the costs of a new roof, the materials and extra options.

What does a new roof cost?

New roofing costs $ 75 per m2 to $ 150 per m2, including, removal of old roof covering, material and VAT. This depends on the type of roof and the material. When the foundation of your roof needs to be replaced, prices will rise quickly, but those costs vary greatly per situation. Go for the Athens, GA Roof Replacement now.

The price depends on the condition of your roof, the chosen roof covering, whether you want insulation and the accessibility of the roof. Keep in mind that if the support structure of the roof is adjusted or the roof becomes larger, you must apply for a permit. View the average prices for having a new roof installed, based on a roof of 50 m2 average roof surface in the Athens.

Price examples: As cheap as possible:

Do you want to spend as little money as possible on your new roof? Then go with a flat roof for bitumen roofing, this is the cheapest option for a flat roof. The cost of a new roof is then on average $ 2,300. Choose from a sloping roof concrete roof tile, this per m 2 $ 10 cheaper than the ceramic version. With this you will lose an average of $ 2,500 and save $ 500.


By choosing to have a sustainable new roof installed, you give back to the environment. With a sloping roof, you choose ceramic roof tiles. These roof tiles are durable, because they are more resistant to harsh weather conditions and generally have a longer life than concrete roof tiles. The costs for this new roof are approximately $ 4,600 with a roof surface of 50 m 2. With a flat roof, you choose EPDM roofing . This roof covering has a lifespan of 50 years and is a suitable surface on which to place a green roof. With a roof surface of 50 m 2, the average costs are $ 3,300.

Keep out heat:

For flat roofs, it is possible to choose the color white instead of the standard black roof covering. White roofing reflects the sun, making it less warm on your roof and so it stays cooler in the house in the summer months. In addition, the roof covering is less affected by the sun and therefore you extend the lifespan by an average of 20 years. White roofing has no additional cost and your new roof costs between $ 2,300 and $ 4,000.


Installing a flat roof is cheaper than installing a sloping roof. This is due to the number of working hours and the cost of the material for the new roof. Below you will find an overview of different roof coverings and the corresponding prices.