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4 pros of flooring with epoxy you didn’t know before

When you hear about epoxy coating or flooring, you will typically get an image of a shiny and smooth surface. But did you know that epoxy flooring has more than that? If you have a neglected commercial unit and want to replace old epoxy with new one, you will find that the new coating has a lot to offer.

Here are some of the biggest advantages of using epoxy flooring that you didn’t know before:

1-      It lasts for long

Compared to almost all other flooring options, epoxy can out live them all. It has a decent lifespan that could last for decades. The features of epoxy make its surface handle tough treatment without a scratch. You can’t have that with hardwood, ceramic or carpet.

2-      It is a good option for the environment

Production of epoxy flooring won’t cause severe emissions. The raw materials behind its creation won’t cause harm to the environment as well. Cleaning your epoxy floor doesn’t require tough bleaches or other chemicals that could be harmful to the environment. You can use a damp or even a dry mop to restore the shiny look of the epoxy floor.

3-      It increases safety features

Epoxy flooring works as a safety factor in your commercial property. This is due to its ability to withstand heavy weights and high traffic without damaging or tearing. Also, epoxy can keep people safe in case of water leak on the floor. There are certain types of epoxy that won’t allow people to slip easily over it. So, slipping and falling accidents won’t be very frequent in your property.

The shiny surface of epoxy coating can make the indoor space of your commercial property look brighter. This is a result of the way epoxy reflects light. This means that people inside the property can see more clearly. This can help in avoiding accidents.

Epoxy is also able to resist high levels of heat. Such resistance makes it a safe option for commercial kitchens. You can imagine how hot it could be in a kitchen restaurant and add to that natural heat on summer days. But this won’t affect the epoxy floor or even cause a single crack in it.

4-      It actually looks good

You might think that a highly practical flooring option won’t be much appealing. But in fact epoxy flooring found the balance of this equation. It is highly functional and very beautiful at the same time.  A beautiful floor looks good in the eyes of customers and it is also a sight for sore eyes of hardworking staff. Epoxy flooring has a smooth and a shiny appearance that can add beauty to the overall look of your business. You can also find various styles of epoxy if you are tired of one-size-fits-all flooring styles.

You can keep counting the pros of using epoxy flooring without reaching an end for the count. The flooring option gives value for cost. It provides extra brightness without increasing indoor lights. It has an aesthetic touch as well. This way epoxy coating can be the answer for all your flooring needs.