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What Should I Know About Floor Buffers?

Floor buffers are specialized cleaning devices use to clean large or difficult to clean areas – mainly hard surfaces like tile, wood and linoleum. There are several rotating brushes that can be adjusted to different speeds. This motion of the brushed forces dirt caked on or stuck to the floor and helps provide a shined look when the cleaning is complete. Typically, the area that is to be buffed will need preparation with cleaning agent, applied to the surface minutes before the cleaning begins.

These agents soft and wear away the dirt and particles so that the buffer can clean more easily. There are different types of floor buffers available. The most basic distinction is between the home units and commercial/industrial units. Home units are ideal for small areas and surfaces like small hallways, kitchen areas and even bathrooms.

Home buffers are great for home owners because of their lower cost and lower operating speeds. Floor buffers truly are special tools that not only will clean well, but also can be used to strip or sand down floors. The ease at which one finds themselves cleaning is really remarkable. You can buy or rent a buffer to refinish your floors at home, clean stubborn dirt out of tile grout, or simply clean a linoleum floor. It’s important to determine what your use is for the buffer you are renting or buying. Of course there are different extension besides brushes for a floor buffer. There are cleaning pads, sanding pads, and other types of extensions besides these depending in the use you have in mind.

It helps to speak with an expert at the company from which you are renting the buffer in selecting the right buffer for the job. The industrial floor buffers really work well for large surfaces, long hallways and big rooms, but often they are very powerful and too large for cleaning at home. A good standard diameter to consider for home cleaning is 13-17 inches depending on what kinds of areas you want to clean.

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