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How a Home Inspection Keeps Everyone Happy

When was the last time you took part in a home inspection, either as a landlord or tenant? Often believed to benefit only the property owner, a home inspection is beneficial for all parties. Landlords can ensure their property is well cared for, and tenants have the opportunity to raise any concerns about or issues with the property for a fast remedy.

While the holiday season is busy for all, it is one of the best times to undertake an inspection. We’ll discuss the reasons why around Christmas and New Year (or any time of the year!) is great for rental inspections, plus what preparation both parties should complete beforehand.

5 Benefits of Getting a Home Inspection 

Inspections of rental properties are completed by either the property manager or the owner in conjunction with the tenant. These usually occur at the beginning and end of the tenancy, as well as throughout the tenant’s stay. They are designed to provide all parties with clear information on the physical state of the property, identify maintenance requirements, ensure the responsibilities of both parties are being met, and in some cases, keep the property insurance policy valid. Here are just five of the benefits that can be obtained through regular home inspections:

  1. Clean and tidy property – a well-kept rental helps reduce the risk of unwanted pests and mould appearing. It’s nice to live in and lowers costs in cleaning and maintenance requirements for everyone. 
  2. Happy neighbours – it’s important to maintain a positive relationship with neighbours, both as a tenant and a property owner. Tenants should keep noise levels down and be mindful of their neighbours, and an inspection is a great opportunity to catch up with them to check if this is happening. 
  3. Insurance compliance – as mentioned, some insurance companies require rental inspections in order to keep policies active. This reduces claim costs, which in turn reduces costs for the owner and the costs passed onto the tenant.
  4. Property safety – it is vital that your property is well-maintained and safe to live in. Inspections can identify areas that require immediate action.
  5. Peace of mind – having confidence that both parties will look after the property helps everyone feel great!

Preparing for a Rental Inspection 

Landlords and property managers are required to arrange a time to visit and inspect the property. It is a great opportunity for all to discuss and solve minor issues before they become big. Let the tenant know the types of things that will be inspected, though the rental agreement would have listed their responsibilities.

As a tenant, ensuring you have cleaned up after Christmas parties or gatherings is important. Not only is it good housekeeping and manners, but it also shows that you are responsible and take pride in your home. A clean kitchen and bathroom, rubbish correctly disposed of, and freshly vacuumed floors are a great start.

When both parties work together when it comes to home inspections, both can enjoy a mutually beneficial and positive relationship. And that’s just how we think it should be.