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Dryer maintenance tips that everyone should know about

Nearly everyone in Los Angeles nowadays has got their own dryers. This can be credited to the mass production and cut down in the prices of this appliance. Over the time when you continuously use a dryer, it is natural that it will develop some issues. These issues can be easily avoided by simply following a few maintenance tips from professionals that offer dryer repair Los Angeles. These are easy tips that will help you to save a lot of money on electricity bills along with future dryer repairs.

The maintenance tips are mentioned below.

  • Cleaning the various parts

In order to make sure that your dryer keeps on functioning as it is supposed to, it is important to make sure that you regularly clean the various parts. Lint screens, lint trapper and the dryer drum should be regularly cleaned after every use. This is because when the lint dries, it can clog the drainage pipes which can harm the overall performance of your dryer.

Apart from that, vents and drainage pipes should also be cleaned at regular intervals as if they are jammed, the energy efficiency along with the performance of your dryer will be severely hampered.

  • Make sure that you replace the belts every year

Depending on how much you use your machine, it is important to take care of the belt and make sure that it is properly maintained. Check if there is dirt buildup on the belt, if there is, make sure that you properly clean it. If you are a heavy user, the belt should be replaced every year but a moderate user can delay the process and simply replace the belt after every 2 years. In order to make sure that your dryer belt lasts long, make sure that it is always clean and there is no water collection around the belt.