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Beautify Your Room With A Picture Wall

Whether you are bored by the monotonous look of the plain painted walls in your room or would want a lively environment for your office, the first simple thing to do is play with the walls. A feature wall, as it is often called, is a wall which differs in the design or a style from that of the other walls in the room. Such differences in the wall can be made in various ways like using a wallpaper, bricks, patterns, paints, some accessories and so on. The most economic method for making a feature wall is using paints to form various patterns of your choice. If you still wish to save your penny by not buying paints, the most beautiful way is making a picture wall.

Creating a picture wall

The basic idea of an accent wall is to make the room to look elegant with simple things. Keeping this in mind, design a picture wall by gathering the frames of paintings or picture you have and displaying them on a particular wall in a desired pattern. 

Tips and tricks 

Some of the aspects that are to be considered while designing a wall are as follows:

  • Choose the right wall to design. A wall that is the focus point of the whole room is the best choice.
  • Understand the style of your room and decide on a pattern of arranging the picture frames accordingly. A uniform same sized frame and symmetric pattern of hanging the frames would complement a traditional looking room.
  • A plain background is the best for a picture wall to avoid the messiness.
  • Picture walls is not restricted to just pictures and paintings. Be bold and add on wordings, letter hangings, etc.
  • Make sure the wall design compliments and livens up the room environment without overdoing it.

With these picture walls being the best way to redesign your space without a big investment, you can also keep up with the trend by easily replacing them whenever you like.