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All You Need To Know About Choosing The Right Bed For Your Children

People spend nearly one-third of the day in bed. Hence, it is very important to buy beds that feel comfortable. Otherwise, you might encounter issues like back pain, neck pain, sleep deprivation, and poor posture. You have to take other things into consideration as well like storage options, durability, design, colour, etc. Since kids cannot pick the right bed, you must know how to pick a bed that is comfortable and practical for them. Mentioned below are a few tips that will help you to choose the right bed for your kids and your kids’ room decor design:

01 of 07 Visit an offline store

While buying a bed for your kid, you must consider visiting a nearby store to check the bed. This is important because looking at a picture of the bed is not enough sometimes to understand. Take your children along with you while visiting the store. Both of you should check out the different designs and shapes and determine if it suits the kid’s room decor or not.

02 of 07 Lie down on the bed

A bed is a huge investment and you must ensure that you are making the right decision while purchasing it. If you hurry and end up choosing an uncomfortable bed, it might cause your kids discomfort. One of the best ways to ensure that the bed feels comfortable is by lying on it. Do not feel shy to lie on the bed in the store and check its comfort level. You can take your time and lie on it for 5 to 10 minutes before making the decision. Ask your kid to do the same as well.

03 of 07 The bed should fit the room properly

While purchasing the bed, you must check its size. This is important because there is no point in buying a comfortable bed if it does not fit inside the room. While choosing the bed size, make sure you have at least 2 feet area on all sides of the bed to ensure the smooth flow of traffic. Also, the bed will appear awkward if you buy one that is too big or too small for the room.

04 of 07 Choose products that are free of toxic substances

Many parents design colourful rooms for their kids’ room interior design. A lot of paints used for the colours have toxic substances. These toxic and harmful chemicals can be harmful to the kid’s health if exposed for a prolonged period of time. In many cases, it has led to allergic reactions and other health complications in kids. So, you must avoid buying beds that have toxic paints.

05 of 07 Round edges instead of sharp corners

While buying a kid’s bed, it is always recommended to buy beds that have round edges. This is because kids often fall down while running or playing. There is a higher chance of getting seriously injured if the bed has sharp corners instead of round edges.

06 of 07 Low beds are a better option

It is always better to choose low beds for your kids’ room interior design. This will ensure that your kids can easily climb in or out of the bed without anyone’s help. Also, your kid will not get hurt when he or she falls down from a lower height. You can consider placing a few cushions around the bed as an extra safety precaution so that your kid does not get hurt after falling down. Further, placing guardrails that get attached to the bed frame is a great idea to prevent your kid from falling.

07 of 07 Solid wooden beds should be preferred

You should always consider buying solid wooden beds for your kids’ room decor. Since kids like to jump and play on the bed, it will break if it is not made of durable materials. Hence, you need materials that will not squeak even when kids jump on the bed. Solid wooden beds are one of the sturdiest options available in the market for kids. You can consider metal beds as well but their screws and joints may get loose.

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