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9 Perfect Spots In Your Home Where Mold Will Likely Thrive

Your home might be in need of mold remediation, Tallahassee, Florida. You can either choose to purchase a DIY kit once you spot the beginnings of mold growth, or you could hire professionals to do the job for you. The chemicals, and being around certain types of mold (like the black mold) can be detrimental to your health, though, so it is always more advisable to seek professional help. Signs that there could be mold growth in your home include a distinct, damp smell. If your child has also been coughing and you notice black discolorations in certain spots of your home, this could be mold. If you are unsure, ask a professional to look into it. Most likely, they will begin looking into mold-prone areas.

Basements and cellars

Basements and cellars are the most prone to mold growth because they are usually underground. Their cold environment makes them ideal for keeping certain food products like wine. The basement is also a good storage area because it’s where no one ever really goes. However, placing any items on a room that’s susceptible to mold growth can be risky. To make sure that your basements and cellars are free from mold, check for wet puddles on the floor, a damp, musky smell, or discolored spots on the floor, ceiling, and walls. Check for leaks because mold usually grows where moisture can be found.

Kitchen sinks

Regular cleaning and drying of your kitchen sink surface should keep mold on the surface at bay. However, mold can also grow under the sink. In fact, if your sink is on top of a cabinet, the enclosed, moist environment under the sink can cause mold growth. Mold grows fast so regularly check for perspiration or leaks under the sink. Whenever you can, disinfect the area as well. If mold keeps on coming back, you may need to hire a professional for some mold remediation, Tallahassee, Florida.


Hopefully, your refrigerator is clean enough to keep mold growth away from it. However, because of condensation, the areas under or behind the refrigerator can invite mold growth. When you defrost, for example, moisture can sometimes find its way under the refrigerator. Make sure you move your refrigerator from time to time to clean off and dirt and moisture so you can prevent mold growth and odors. For easier maintenance, you might want to prop your refrigerator on a wheeled stand.

Behind walls with plumbing

If you have plumblines running inside your walls, you need to regularly check for dampness. This can be a sign of leaks. Leaks don’t always make themselves known on the onset. You need to be extra sensitive to spot them right away. Moisture within walls spells trouble not just because of mold growth but also because it can seriously compromise the foundation and strength of the house.

Damp newspapers and cardboard

It’s good to recycle paper and cardboard but storing them over long periods of time, especially in areas that could get wet, can invite mold growth. They can also invite pests, so make sure you check on these stacks and dispose of them regularly.

Air conditioning units

Just like refrigerators, air conditioning units also work to cool rooms down using condensation. Unfortunately, this also means that they are working with moisture. Having your ac units cleaned on a regular basis ensures that the unit itself is cleared of pollutants and mold. This also lessens the possibility of leaks which could invite mold growth around the edges of ac units.

Leaks in windows and wallboards

If it has been raining a lot and you feel like you have windows that have not been dried properly, you need to check them for mold growth. Sometimes, drying is not enough especially if your window has wooden parts. The crevices which hold moisture could have mold growth.

Under carpets

Carpets can keep moisture even if they feel dry to the touch after cleaning a spill. If your carpets are starting to smell dank, you might want to consider peeling them to look underneath. There might be mold growing under them.


Bathrooms that are kept wet and with poor wind circulation invite molds. Don’t wait for the molds to take over your tiles, fixtures, and walls. Regular cleaning of your bathroom can fix the problems. If you are having a problem with the drain, the extra moist environment of the bathroom can also lead to mold growth.

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