You’ve probably heard it too many times to count. “Your website should be optimized for mobile devices.” Well, now more than ever, businesses are focusing on creating impactful mobile websites. With Google continuing to update its algorithm to favor responsive websites, it’s important to make your credit union’s mobile site the best it can be.

If you’re looking for design inspiration, here are six brands that we think absolutely nailed it:


Financial: Community America Credit Union

Even though many financial institutions offer apps, a mobile website is still crucial. Community America Credit Union’s mobile site is functional and convenient. The readable font, large buttons and easy-to-find rates make maneuvering this site simple. All of the things a user can do on Community America’s desktop site can be accomplished on the mobile version. That’s smart banking.

14045438_1366221016738878_981921209_o          14060374_1366221023405544_708610059_o


Tech: Typeform

Typeform is a tech company with one goal: to “make forms awesome.” While their desktop website is great, their mobile website is the star of the show. Rather than keeping complex design elements from their desktop site, such as animations and videos, they removed them for mobile and made the site simpler. It was a smart move that pays off enormously.

13977873_1360647477296232_1517059526_o           13987221_1360647557296224_619038130_o


News: Buzzfeed News

Buzzfeed is known for viral content, which makes its website design pivotal. The developers have taken great pride in creating a smooth experience for the site’s fast-paced, on-the-go readers. Upon arriving at the Buzzfeed News mobile site, you’ll be greeted with the newest articles, which are displayed in an easy, collage-like format utilizing large images that are easy to tap with your finger.

13977959_1360688240625489_151721835_o          13932146_1360688300625483_554715186_o


Fashion: Nike

When it comes to good design, Nike never fails to impress, and its mobile website is no exception. By allowing its products to do all of the talking, Nike is able to send powerful messages to its consumers. The photos are large. The copy is impactful. All of these elements add up to a smooth and innovative mobile website.

14001811_1360689247292055_904845741_o          14012539_1360689260625387_582924311_o


Travel: Airbnb

The founders of Airbnb are design graduates, and it shows. Airbnb uses large, attractive photos of various travel destinations around the world to encourage people to visit those places. For a website with a pretty complex premise, the simple fonts and easy-to-click buttons make for a convenient and pain-free mobile experience.

13950721_1360689697292010_67390031_o          13987813_1360689727292007_1971995519_o


Entertainment: NBC

NBC is home to some of television’s most popular shows, and with that in mind, the pressure was on to create a place for fans to watch their favorite shows on the go. Thankfully, NBC came through. Its mobile website is extremely easy to navigate with readable copy, large photo banners and a simple menu. Finding clips from your favorite show has never been easier.

13978187_1360690363958610_2037511972_o          13950931_1360690367291943_151920935_o



When designing your credit union’s mobile site, remember to keep it simple. Include the most important features while ensuring that your page is easy to navigate and has a welcoming feel. A mobile website is no longer a luxury, it’s a necessity. Make sure that yours is fully optimized and ready to go.