If you’d rather watch a video than read an article, you’re not alone. After all, 59 percent of executives say they would rather watch a video than read text, too. In a society full of Netflix binge-watchers, this makes sense. Live streaming, in particular, is a way to broadcast directly to an online audience. As a matter of fact, 71 percent of businesses use live streaming to more authentically interact with an audience. It’s a digital alternative that allows you to reach people near and far with live video. If you want your credit union to join in on the live streaming fun but have no idea where to begin, fear not. We’ve created your go-to guide on how to do it successfully.


Plan ahead

Just like any other marketing initiative, don’t just wing it  – even “Saturday Night Live” is scripted and planned out in advance. Your credit union should do the same by putting the same thought and due diligence into your live stream that you do into any event. Think about who you’re trying to reach with this stream, what you’ll be talking about and where you’ll be broadcasting from. Write a little script. Create a list of questions. Do a dry run. By nailing down the nuts and bolts ahead of time, you’ll be saving yourself from possible frustration later.


Select a platform

There are numerous platforms your credit union can utilize, and each platform can achieve different things. YouTube Live, for example, is great for generating leads since users watching are often linked to their Google accounts. Facebook Live, on the other hand, is helpful if you’re trying to reach more people and generate buzz. Because Facebook Live videos have become so popular on the platform, Facebook is making them appear higher up in people’s News Feeds.


Choose the necessary equipment

It goes without saying that you’ll need a camera. You can use a computer with a webcam or even your phone. However, if you select the latter, be sure to set up a tripod in order to save your arm from falling asleep after five minutes. You may also consider using some microphones such as a boom mic sitting just out of frame or clipping some lavalier/lapel mics on your subjects.



Instead of hitting the live button and simply hoping people will show up, you should give your audience a reason to tune into your live stream. Consider including an incentive for your audience to watch like a giveaway or drawing tied to the content of the live stream.   Build some awareness by sending an eblast to your members to invite them. Include the date, time, incentive and how to watch. You should also tease the upcoming stream (and possible incentive) through your social channels the week of to start building excitement. On the day of the live stream, again promote it on your credit union’s various social media platforms and be sure to include a live link.



A bonus to live streaming is that your audience is able to join the conversation and comment in real time. In addition to the comments that users can leave on your video, you should also appoint someone to monitor other social platforms during the stream. Set up a hashtag and ask people to post to their social network of choice using the hashtag. (P.S. You can learn more about hashtags here.)



Live streaming is a quick and unique way to reach your audience – whether it be members or potential members within your FOM. However, it takes more than simply hitting the live button. A lot of time, preparation and thoughtful planning is required to do it successfully, but with these ideas and tactics in mind, your credit union can host a live stream that you can truly be proud of.