No matter the holiday, these once-a-year occurrences are a golden opportunity for marketing. However, planning an effective marketing campaign that ties to the holidays requires a lot of work — from strategic organization to necessary timing. For this reason, many brands tend to let these marketing possibilities slip away. Rather than miss out on an opportunity to connect with your audience, here are five tips to help you get your holiday campaign off the ground.


Select the right holiday

When selecting a holiday to serve as the jumping off point for your credit union’s marketing campaign, make sure that you’re being strategic and that whatever holiday you choose resonates with your audience. If your audience doesn’t participate in the holiday itself, don’t expect to see results from a campaign centered around it. Don’t focus solely on major holidays such as Thanksgiving or Christmas. Consider shopping holidays, too, such as Black Friday or Valentine’s Day.


Create holiday-themed offers

In order to promote your campaign, you should create offers centered around the campaign theme. In some cases, this may include giveaways or special offers that you can provide to your members and potential members. For example, if you’re focusing on Christmas, how about a skip-a-pay program to lessen the burden of paying bills during gift season? Think of an offer that ties to your campaign and use it to drive everything.


Think outside the box

Holidays bring with them a list of cliches. For example, the Fourth of July is patriotic and prideful. Halloween is eerie and fun. Instead of selecting the safe route with these holidays, try to find a way to be unique while still staying true to the holiday itself. Dominos in the UK decided to launch a Valentine’s Day campaign by joining the dating app Tinder. H&M sought the help of Academy Award nominated director Wes Anderson for its Christmas spot about its new clothing collection. REI decided to close its doors on Black Friday and encourage people to spend the day outside instead of shopping. All of these campaigns put the fun back in the holidays without being stereotypical.


Plan an event

Holidays are notorious for in-person celebrations, but before you start going overboard on the decorations, determine the exact purpose of your event. What are the goals you hope to achieve? Will you connect with members and potential members during the event? Will you be collecting any information from your attendees and can someone become a member at the event? Having an event for the sake of having an event defeats the purpose, but setting realistic goals makes it worthwhile.


Focus on member satisfaction

No matter what your holiday campaign is promoting, member satisfaction and happiness should be at the forefront of your efforts. While you consider the goals for your campaign, make sure you think about how you’re satisfying and delighting your members. If you can alter an aspect of the campaign to show your members how much you appreciate them, do it. The holidays are for everyone — members included.



We’re only in the second month of 2017, so you still have time to think about which holidays your credit union could benefit from over the course of the next 10 months. Don’t let these unique (and festive) opportunities slip away.