Video has become one of the most prolific and hyped marketing methods in recent years. As a matter of fact, Cisco predicts that video will comprise 82% of all web traffic by 2020. Video is definitely on the upswing, so it comes as no surprise that credit unions are looking to jump on the bandwagon. But before embarking on a video shoot, there are some important items to consider. Here are five steps you’ll want to follow when creating a digital video strategy:


Determine what your videos will accomplish

At the beginning of any project, it’s important to outline the purpose. Create a video marketing “mission statement” that will help you determine: what type of content you’ll make, who you’re making the content for and what your audience should take away from your videos. You should also establish a set of guidelines that will outline things such as whether or not you want to use consistent intros and outros. You should understand why you’re creating videos for your credit union as opposed to simply saying, “Well, everyone else is doing it.”


Outline the video topics and types

Before you jump in with both feet, you’ll want to outline your scope. Look at whether the videos you’ll be creating will be used internally, externally or both. A smart way to approach video is to think about the questions or concerns your members and target audience are asking and use those answers as a starting point for content ideas.


Establish who’s responsible for creating the videos

This seems like a no-brainer, but it’s a crucial step, nonetheless. Assess the resources your credit union has and figure out if you’re going to develop the videos in-house or if you’ll outsource production. This simple step could save you from several headaches down the line.


Determine where the videos will live

Are you going to upload your videos to Facebook? YouTube? Should you create a Vimeo account? Will the videos play on digital screens in any of your branches? By determining this now, you’ll know exactly where to direct your members when it comes time to showcase your new videos. Videos have a lot of power when you use an integrated deployment strategy.


Decide how you’ll measure performance

After everything’s said and done, you’ll want to review your video’s analytics. Keep track of how many views it receives. What was the average watch time? What was the drop-off rate? Did the video receive likes or comments on Facebook or YouTube? Keeping an eye on the analytics will help you determine what types of videos to produce in the future.



Creating a sound strategy will help ensure that your digital videos align with your overall brand and business goals. Determine your audience and track the performance of your videos to learn what works best for your credit union.