Ever wonder how LaCroix went from a basic bubbly drink to the top sparkling water on the market? Or how Denny’s is seeing its largest growth in a decade? The answer is simple. Both have large, dedicated fan bases. How do brands garner that kind of following, and can your credit union do the same? We’ve compiled a list of four brands with faithful fans, along with the marketing initiatives that helped boost their popularity, in order to find out.


Dollar Shave Club

Razors aren’t exactly a hot topic in our society, but when Dollar Shave Club (DSC) hit the scene with a wildly successful launch video in 2012, it made razors great again. DSC’s brand identity influences everything it does and shines through in its marketing. From clever emails, to packaging that will make you stop and read your razor wrappers, DSC’s brand is cleverly infused into everything it does.

You don’t have to make a viral video for your credit union to see success like Dollar Shave Club. While that sure would help, brand consistency is actually DSC’s greatest strength. Your credit union may have numerous moving parts, but making them cohesive in all aspects of your marketing will prove to be valuable.



Denny’s is more than a diner, it’s a social media superstar. Within a few months in 2014, Denny’s saw its social engagement skyrocket by 200 percent. The success, in part, came thanks to tweets about current events, paired with its signature snarky tone. Grand Slam, indeed.

Why does this work and what can your credit union take from it? Denny’s Chief Marketing Officer John Dillon explains it best. “Know your guests, know your target and give them what they want, when they want it… Go beyond relevance, strive for being significant in their lives with content they’ll want to share.” Thinking outside the box with your credit union’s marketing is a good thing, and Denny’s proves that to be true. After all, who could forget the Nannerpus commercial?



Apple introduces a new iPhone every year, so how does the tech giant still generate buzz after all this time? Apple’s brand essence is simple and consumer-focused. The iPhone 7 landing page, for example, says that the new phone “dramatically improves the most important aspects of the iPhone experience.” It’s a simple explanation of why consumers should purchase this new product.

Follow in Apple’s footsteps by selecting the benefits of your credit union that matter most to your members, and create a marketing strategy surrounding them. Your marketing should also be simple and unapologetic, as evidenced by Apple’s stance on removing the headphone jack from the iPhone 7 by saying, “Oh yeah … and the headphone jack from over 100 years ago has been removed (shocker) for the more versatile Lightning port.”



Sales have more than doubled over the course of the last two years, but chances are, you haven’t seen a lot of LaCroix television commercials. So where did that surge come from? LaCroix has instead executed stand-out social media campaigns, particularly on its Instagram. The brand engages with anyone who tags it, no matter their number of followers. LaCroix has also been known to send free drinks to lucky social media followers.

LaCroix discovered that 55% of online 18-29-year-olds are active on Instagram, so it increased marketing efforts there. By interacting with its fans and rewarding consumers, LaCroix went from collecting dust on grocery store shelves to becoming a must-have drink for millennials. Your credit union can do the same with its membership.