Landing pages serve an important purpose: prompting website visitors to convert to the next stage in the buying journey while tracking performance. Even though a landing page’s purpose is simple, designing a successful one requires detailed planning, creative testing and innovative ideas. Regardless of what your credit union aims to achieve through your landing page, it’s helpful to be inspired by seeing what other great pages look like. Ready to be inspired? Check out some of our favorites.



The greatest part about Lyft’s landing page is that it zeroes in on drivers’ motivation: easily earning money. In addition to the standard “Apply Now” form, drivers can share their city and the number of hours they would drive for Lyft in a week in order to calculate how much money they would make. By offering these two conversion paths, Lyft is able to address two different types of people: those who are ready to make the decision now as well as those who need a little bit more information first. Plus, they are learning how each group responds.

It’s a common belief that landing pages should be static pages on your website. However, with the right tools, you can make the pages interactive and personalized., for example, helps pre-qualify users to determine if they would benefit from a consultation. You’re asked to answer three questions about your debt before being shown a form. Answering these questions may cause some anxiety, but when users find out they qualify, there’s a sense of excitement and relief. By making the offer seem more exclusive upfront, it’s safe to say that has increased conversions.



They say you should stop and smell the roses, and with the case of H.BLOOM, you can admire the roses and the beautiful design of the page. By incorporating high-resolution photography and lots of white space, H.BLOOM’s landing page is pleasing to look at. Apart from its beauty, the page includes strong conversion elements including an above-the-fold form, a clear description of what will happen after filling out the form and a bright “submit” button.



A landing page plays a critical role in the consumer conversion experience, and all of these examples provide a strong look at how to do it right. By taking a look at landing pages away from the credit union space, you can find inspiration in places you might not expect.